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February is a very special month because of several reasons. One of them, is because it is the shortest month of the year, even if it is a leap year. The other reason is that it is when we can see almond trees in flower.

During springtime, we are used to seeing landscapes full of flowers and sometimes we don’t notice its singularity. Almond trees are unique. At that time on the year, there aren’t many flowers which keep our attention, but these trees flowering with their wonderful white flowers invade suddenly the scenery leaving an adorable scent and colour.

I’m always happy when almond trees are in flower, because it proves that winter is as beautiful as anyother season. In addition, these beautiful little flowers always remind me of the almonds I love so much. Now the trees are flowering but in fifteen or twenty days the petals will fall down and we will forget those lovely trees until the end of summer when we collect the fruits.

It’s so curious how humans are: we forget the existence of the flora when it is insipid. How unfair it is!. Everything needs time in Nature and we are too much used to the immediacy, to the “right now”.

The collect of the almonds is very special for me. It happens in the middle of September, at the end of the summer holidays and since I was a child I have always heard that: “School starts when we collect almonds”.

In Ronda, the calendar is also related to the “Feria y Fiesta de Pedro Romero”. Since 1954 we celebrate this event at the beginning of September, so that’s why we say that: “ at the end of the Feria, winter is coming”.

The collect of the almonds starts after the Feria. We are so lucky to have almonds and almond trees, and how delicious are the traditional pastries made with almonds!

Don’t hesitate! Come and visit us in February and enjoy the idyllic landscapes and wonderful smell of the almond trees in flower. You will live unforgettable moments and you wont regret it!

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