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The Alameda of Ronda is one of the most emblematic places in the city. It is to these places that we all flock, tourists and residents in equal measure. No-one who has lived in Ronda can say that it is purely a tourist site, but neither is it a place designed exclusively for the residents. We all have magical memories of this place, connected with our childhood and adolescence. As a matter of fact, to my mind come many images of my own childhood and teenage years, and nowadays, of my own young family.

There’s no doubt about it, it’s one of the coolest places you’ll find in summer, when the streets of Ronda heat up. Temperatures can reach forty degrees centigrade (that’s over a hundred Fahrenheit!), but in the Alameda, thanks to the shade of the trees and the clifftop setting, it is always a few degrees cooler. And in the winter, one of the most delightful things you can do is to stroll here, when the breeze is blowing off the mountains, carrying the scent of snow.

However, the Alameda hasn’t always been appreciated by the citizens of Ronda. Though we enjoy this tranquil space today, it has been the scene of various vicissitudes, some of them curious to relate.

Still, for most rondeños, this is a happy place, a place for meeting and for getting together. If we talk to our grandparents, it was the same for them, when they were teenagers. Generation after generation, the people of Ronda continue to enjoy this enchanting spot.

Welcome to this symbol of our city and its people!

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