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This are the Gate of Carlos I and the Gate of Almocabar. They are part of the wall which defended Ronda from the enemies in the past.

Fortunately for some years we haven’t had any war in our City, neither in our Country not even in Europe. Other people are not as lucky.

Nevertheless we have hundreds of “wars” every day, against the time, for instance to get on time at work, to have lunch ready, do the laundry, or prepare the meeting… It is so stressful! Isn’t it?..

So, while I was thinking in all that kind of things, I stoped for a moment and I discovered that:

Gorriones comunes

These neighbors that I didn’t know and who live in a privileged place. They look so happy, carefree and also I think without understanding the history that involve the place where they live.

They are sparrows and the family is “common sparrow” and they are out of their houses. It reminds me and my neighbors any day in the square of my neighborhood. I am so lucky to have good neighbors!

The sparrows live in Ronda permanently, they are local residents and they have an unmistakable monosyllabic song… Can you hear it?

This specie live in all the planet, that is why their name is “common”, however, only these ones live in the Wall of Almocabar, next to the Gate of Carlos V. With their “Whys”: Why it was built here? Why was designed like that? And their “Hows”: How it was built? How it was conserved? How it was rehabilitated? This Wall and my neighbors are unique in the world.

Come to meet them! Stop, breathe, discover, learn,…. Can I go with you?

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